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  • Reservations met countrywide.
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Avis Best Roads Namibia

From the dark Skeleton Coast to the teeming game at Etosha, the sights and sounds of Africa are calling. The best roads are those hidden from the bustle of the city, treasures that you can keep and trust with your loved ones. Whether you’re on a family vacation or on an adventurer’s quest, driving on these roads will change how you appreciate the splendour the region has to offer. So, what are you waiting for, book your Avis vehicle and see all that Namibia has to offer, from the comfort of your 4X4. Unrestrained, open and raw, this is the Africa you need to explore.

Damaraland and Kunene

Damaraland is a feast for the eyes. Today known as the Kunene region, travellers are transported to ancient times with breath-taking landscapes steeped in history, expressed in the ancient water courses, dramatic granite mountains and thousands of San rock paintings. It’s also home to Twyfelfontein, Namibia’s first and only World Heritage Site, famed for its wealth of rock engravings. The region’s gravel roads are often slippery, while sharp-edged stones can cause punctures – so take it easy as you manoeuvre your way to the beginning of time.


Sossusvlei is possibly Namibia’s most spectacular and best-known attraction. It is nestled between an ocean of dunes to the west and the Naukluft and Tsaris mountains to the east, making for memorable landscapes. If you’re travelling via Solitaire, it’s worth stopping to grab a slice of the Big Moose Bakery’s world-famous apple strudel. With its ever-changing scenery, you will discover an alternative universe where everything is as it should be. Look forward to shimmering red sands that can only be seen in this part of the world.


The Etosha Pan is a vast, bare, open expanse of shimmering white that covers around 4,800 km², almost a quarter of the beautiful Etosha National Park. At 130 km long and up to 50 km wide in places, it is comfortably the largest salt pan in Africa and is the park’s most distinctive and dramatic feature, visible even from space. With over 340 different bird species, you are can be sure that you will be captivated at every turn..

Spitzkoppe and the Brandberg

Namibia isn’t necessarily associated with mountains, so you may be surprised to find that it is home to the majestic Brandberg, and the dramatic Spitzkoppe. The Brandberg is composed of a circular mass of granite that was intruded at depth and has now been exposed by erosion. Spitzkoppe is a series of granitic inselbergs (mountain islands), where you will pass weathering pits, natural arches and rock shelters. Revel in the outstanding desert scenery with its giant rocky slopes curving down toward the ground and spilling out boulders.

Skeleton Coast

If it’s mystery and history you want, Namibia’s Skeleton Coast is the place for you. While synonymous with despair, the Skeleton Coast still has an aquatic allure. Sure, the Khoi-San people call it the ‘The Land God Made In Anger’ and Portuguese sailors dubbed it the ‘Ports Of Hell’. Despite this, when you arrive at the Skeleton Coast, your inner treasure hunter will come alive and driving along the coast will turn into an adventurous blast from the past. Drive past a coastline littered with the rusty, metal shipwrecks, each with a story of battling the sea. The drive will give you a thrill — it’s that much fun.

Swakopmund and Walvis Bay

The charming town of Swakopmund with its German colonial architecture, long stretches of beach, as well as restaurants, galleries and museums, is a tourist’s delight. Just 10km away is the alluring aquatic Walvis Bay, with dolphin and seal sighting. For a budding photographer or bird-watcher, this is an excellent route to get a snapshot of beautiful birds on your drive. Surround yourself with southern African landscapes and architecture that will leave you with memories you will never forget.

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